Spoken Word Poetry

"Spoken Medicine" written and performed by Gabrielle Journey Jones.

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Spoken Medicine


 “Spoken Medicine” is a poetry collection by Gabrielle Journey Jones published October 2017 by Ginninderra Press.  

Cover art by Amalina Wallace. 


‘Gabe Journey Jones’s poetry uniquely combines words and rhythm into recipes for healing, conversing and connecting with ourselves and one another. Her libretti are astute, set to bars, accents, BPM (beats per minute) and broken-up beats; they pulsate like the sanctuary of a mother’s heartbeat and become Spoken Medicine.’ - Friederike Krishnabhakdi-Vasilakis, Director, South Coast Writers Centre, writer and facilitator

'Passionate, percussive poetry written for performance that slams complacency and oppression with urgency and compassion. She’s a priestess, exhilarating incantations heard accompanied by her drumming, divines the hidden and can heal a sick society. This is a magical potion.’ - Jenni Nixon, poet, writer and mentor

'Gabrielle’s collection of poetry is dazzling in its scope and intensity. The medicine gets to all the neglected parts of ourselves. Readers are in for a thought-provoking treat. It is wonderful that the world of spoken word is graced by a poet of such fierce integrity and poetic vitality.’ - Wilfred C. Roach, poet, writer and performer

'I love nothing more than a fierce woman unafraid to speak loud truths, a counter voice to the dominant narratives which are not necessarily the real narratives. Gabe is all of that and more. This collection will certainly light a fire in your belly and spark something in your heart.’ - Candy Royalle, artivist, writer, poet, storyteller and performance artist


978 1 76041 430 6, 78pp

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Spoken Medicine

I only leave home for poetry.
Spoken medicine is a necessity.
The words we all breathe
That we bleed
Help us to remember
We are connected.


Spoken Word Psychiatrists
In this spotlight holding up a mirror
For the calculated seeping in of triggers
Resurrecting filtered reflections on long forgotten feelings
Purified through the invocation of powerful lyrics.

 Voices uncaged in a public forum leaking deepest secrets
To elicit inner peace and integrate the hidden
Pieces of ourselves we all seek to meet with
Slippery fragments of our soul
Lost within the psychological walls we build
Strong walls that we claw
When we cannot imagine a door anymore.

 Shell-shocked from the ceaseless
horrifying noises of internalised war
That no-one else ever hears
And even stitched-mouth silence ignores.

 Until a venue is hired
Because someone inspired decided to organise.
A cover charge is paid, stamp laid on the wrist and displayed
Like a medal of valour that will not be washed off for days
In hopes to keep the night close, as the insights and ink fades.
Every Poet to approach this mic centre stage
Is a Word Doctor, a Shaman, a Sage!
Administering spoken medicine
Line after line injected into a hungry audience.

 Wordsmith Physicians bringing to life, distilling life.
Prescribing the pharmaceutical benefits of poetry
Dispensed regularly to heal and build immunity
We deliver each verse surgically
And apply the welcoming balm
Of spoken word community.

I only leave home for poetry.

© Gabrielle Journey Jones 

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