Zangdrum: Flow, Fun & Connection

Zangdrum is all about finding drum flow, fun and connection.  We share drumming rhythms and learn how to listen to each other to create an enjoyable, empowering drum circle flow. Participants do not need to have any experience with drumming. 

We learn popular rhythms from around the world and find out more about the cultures from which each rhythm emerged.

Zangdrum is a music and performing arts initiative connecting people with opportunities for fun and friendship through community hand drumming using djembes, sound shape frame drums and other percussion instruments. 

Established in 2002 by Gabrielle Journey Jones, Zangdrum has specialised in working with and developing drum circle programs for community organisations such as Vincentian House (Refuge), Lou's Place (Women’s Refuge), Older Women's Network, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, The Women's Library, and Sydney Spiritfest.

Zangdrum has contributed to many community visibility and awareness raising events including International Day for People with Disability, Reclaim the Night,  International Women's Day, Mental Health Week and the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Originally based in Sydney, we are now available in the Far South Coast region of NSW to run one-off or regular drumming workshops, community drum circles, special occasion performances and 1:1 classes.

We prioritise drumming sessions with women and children experiencing disadvantaged life situations.  We offer fee reductions for schools, community organisations and unwaged individuals.

We also offer workshops and group experiences across a mix of creative areas for all ages e.g drumming and poetry "Drums and Rhymes Workshop"; intuitive drumming and relaxation journeys; drumming and visual arts; and drumming with collective freestyle storytelling.

Follow Your Rhythm

 “The word rhythm in Greek means to flow

Drumming is a path of healing that guides us into experiencing the flow of our mind and emotions.

Drumming gives us an experience where we can be free to connect with ourselves and others, in order to release, restore and heal. 

It is a universal language where all people can be a part, free from words and concepts so we can experience life with an open heart.”  

Project Resiliency 

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Djembe basics: bass, tone and snap
with Gabrielle Journey Jones. 

Filmed at Thirroul Public School.